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Pick One: Money, Praise or Recognition?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

What are you more motivated at? Let us know your thoughts & feelings below!

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2 Komentar

Ashlee H
Ashlee H
12 Okt 2023

Omg thats a hard one! Because Im easily all 3 DEPENDING on what it is… like.. I appreciate being acknowledged (praised) for what I do as I put my heart into it.

But then money is motivating! Because I have big goals that require money right now, and have done for a while.

Recognition is one that is amazing to have, but now that I type this out, right now - its probably below the other 2, but at other times has been at the top!

Moral of the story - depends where I am in my life at the time! Haha


13 Sep 2023

i get so awkward when i get praise 😅 idk why i just always assume people are pulling my leg when they say i’m doing a good job at xyz 😆

I know i’m motivated by money, and i feel like because i work for a company that earning more money is recognition in a way for me.

It tells me that i’m doing a good job because they wouldn’t promote me or give me a pay rise unless i was meeting or exceeding those expectations.

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