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The Art Of Gifting

Updated: Jun 29


My friends and family often compliment my gift giving skills,

and not to brag, but I am a thoughtful gift giver!

Here are my tips, thought starters and actual websites I use when I want to celebrate someone special in my life....

Thought Starters:

1. What can I get this person that will make their life easier whilst [moving house, having a baby, etc]?

2. If I was [insert milestone moment], what would be something easy to forget? Can I get them something to solve that problem?

3. What could I get them that's related to the [milestone moment] that would make them laugh?

4. Think of your top 3 special memories between the two of you and include elements of it in your gift/card/wrapping paper

5. How has this person impacted your life? Write it in the card!

6. What goals are they working towards at the moment? Could you gift them something related?

7. What is meaningful to their loved ones and the whole family can enjoy!

Still not sure? Steal these gift ideas....

Kids Birthday Party: Get them a custom video message from their favourite TV Character (Check out Cameo Kids)

Gift For A Mentor: Yearly Subscription to MasterClass

Valentines Day: Mystery Picnic Date (Check out AmazingCo)

Parents Birthday: Custom coffee table book with photos of their favourite memories

Grandparents: Create a custom book with the story of their life, written by them (Check out StoryWorth)

Last Minute Gift Delivery Services:




Comment below with your favourite gift ideas and services you use!

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