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Celebrating 1 Year of Being Self Employed! Here is What I Learnt in My First 365 Days


It’s been 1 year since I quit my job to work for myself full time!! Woohoo!

This is such a huge life achievement for me.

Since I turned 18, all I hoped to do at some stage in my life was to run a company, and the fact that I get to do that every single day now makes me sooooo happy!!

After being self-employed for a year now, I wanted to share some lessons I have learnt in hopes that it will help someone else watching this who wants to work for themselves but has no idea what to expect.

Here we go….

Lesson #1:Consistency is the MOST important thing to have ongoing success

Show up regularly and your community will start to form. Deliver quality work consistently, and they will stay!

Lesson #2: Balancing freedom & discipline can be tricky

Don't start a business to have more free time… you’ll be sorely disappointed. Instead learn when to prioritise freedom and when to put your head down and focus on being disciplined.

Lesson #3: It’s up to you and you only to make it work!

No one wants it as bad as you, so go out and get it! Don’t rely on anyone but yourself to make it work in the early days. You got this!

Lesson #4: You have to want to constantly improve

Use feedback as a way to get better. Look at your competition for inspiration and regularly review how you can be better.

Lesson #5: Figure out how to be financially literate because school never taught us!

Learn as much as you can about money, taxes and how law crosses over in this space. It’s important you know the basics! Get to know your spending patterns really well so you can best run your business and be patient when building a profitable business… It takes time!

Let me know in the comments if you hope to work for yourself one day - what do you aspire to do?

Or if you are currently self employed, what lessons have you learned so far?

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