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How do I use the App? What content can I expect?

Updated: Jun 13

How Do I Use The App?

Watch the video below to see how you can best use the app and what it has to offer!

What Content Can I Expect For FREE?

Content that you can expect to see includes:

Making Friends & Community Engagement: Meet and chat with likeminded people via public forums. Make friends and follow each other to stay up-to-date with each others activities. This can be found via the 'Community Forums' tab.

Weekly Reminders: A positive video and blog post to kickstart your week. This can be found via the 'Content Hub' tab.

Question & Answers: Read up about some of our most asked questions. From relationship advice, to manifesting and even Veganism. This can be found via the 'Community Forum' tab.

Binge Watch Content: Get access to our archives where you can binge all our best YouTube videos and livestreams including the 24-hour livestream!

Challenges: Join our 30 day challenge's to become the best version of yourself!

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