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Recognising your own greatness

Updated: Jun 7

Full Transcript

It can be easy to focus on the things we're not good at, but that’s not what today’s weekly reminder is all about. Usually we look at areas of our life that we can improve and grow in, but this week we celebrate how amazing we are!

Everyone has talents and things they are good at! It's important to recognise all the amazing things we have going for us, because it helps us to stay positive and motivated.

Here are some of the things you're probably good at, even if you don't realise it!

  • Being a great friend (e.g. I’m a good listener, I always give thoughtful gifts, I give great advice)

  • Hobbies & passions (e.g. I’m great at gaming, I’m good at playing an instrument, I always make really tasty food)

  • Business & Education (e.g. I’m good at getting things done on time, I’m good at pushing others out of their comfort zone so they can achieve more, I’m good at making money, I’m good at thinking of creative ideas)

  • Parenting (e.g. I’m good at knowing what my baby needs, I’m patient, I’m very understanding, I give great cuddles, I function pretty well off minimal sleep)

  • Fitness & Sports (e.g. I’m a great long distance runner, I am flexible, I am good at being consistent & going to the gym regularly, I’m great at staying hydrated and taking care of my body)

So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back - you deserve it!


  1. Comment below / write down in your journal 10 things that you think you are good at

  2. Have more than 10? Keep going!!

  3. Take a second to give yourself some praise & a pat on the back for being so amazing!

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