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Know Yourself!

Updated: Jun 6

In this video Taz speaks about removing negative people out of your inner circle & turning down the volume on those voices. Whether it’s an online troll, a bully, mean colleague or nasty family member, it’s time to move away from them.

This message is for you to take back control of what you listen to and what you don’t. The choice is yours!

Key Takeaways:

Take your power back

You have a choice: Take personally what people say about you or don’t. Don’t allow other people to project their own insecurities onto you.

Only you can know yourself

Absolutely no one can tell you who or what kind of person you are. Only you can know that. Sit comfortably in that and ignore the negativity.

Speak positively to yourself to reinforce who you really are!

The best way to build your self confidence back up is to find all the amazing things about yourself and point them out. Saying them out-loud to yourself in the mirror feels awkward at first, but it works I swear!


Listen / watch the full video above & let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you agree or disagree with anything Taz said?

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