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It’s Time To Bring Sexy Back!!

Updated: Jun 29


This week we’re going to be chatting about a more taboo topic than we usually would! We are encouraging you to embrace the sexy! Now what does this even mean?

Embracing your sexiness is not about conforming to societal standards or objectifying yourself. Instead, it's about acknowledging and celebrating your individuality, your body, and your personality. When you embrace your sexiness, you tap into your inherent power and authenticity, fostering a positive self-image and boosting your confidence. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin and embracing the unique qualities that make you who you are.

And there are so many ways to do that! It could look like:

  • A self care night (and shaving your legs, hehe)

  • Putting on make up

  • Wearing a cute outfit

  • Going to the gym

  • Having a bubble bath and listening to music

  • Buying your favourite perfume

  • Have mood lighting throughout the house

It’s going to look different for everyone, essentially we want you to think about things that make you feel confident, lean into them and then embrace the sexy from there!

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