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Make Time For Your Friends!

Updated: Jun 7


This reminder is pretty simple! This week we’re encouraging you to go out of you way to make time for your friends. 

It’s very easy for us all to get caught up in our own lives, and fair enough! But as a consequence of this sometimes the relationships and friendships in our lives can be forgotten. Friendships are like flowers, they need to be nurtured and watered. Some more than others, but you get the point.

So, how are you going to make time for your friends? Sometimes it can feel like so much effort, but here are some suggestions that enable you to catch up and show love without having to overwhelm yourself with options.

  • Set up a FaceTime call: you can even set a time limit and boundary if you don’t want to be on the call for an excessive amount of time. “Hey X! I’ve missed you! Are you free today for a half an hour FaceTime?” It doesn’t have to be an aggressive set boundary. Keep it nice! And Subtle! Whatever you need.

  • Organise an online game together: is there something that you both like to play? Are there any new games that you love that your friend would want to play with you? Suggest it!

  • A walk/run: If you and your friend have the privilege of living close by each other, why don’t you suggest a morning or lunchtime walk/run by a park. You can grab a coffee or a juice!

  • Watch a movie together: This can be both online or in person, whatever suits you. You can set up watch party and watch your favourite movie together.

Catching up with friends doesn’t and shouldn’t need to feel like a big daunting task (It’s okay if you feel like this because you have a lot going on). It is important that we remember to reach out, and make time for those who are important in our lives. 

Have a great week team!

Let us know in the comments what fun or chill activities you set up with your friends this week.

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