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Making Time For Meditation

Updated: Jun 6

Meditation isn't on everyones to-do list but in this video Taz & Alessia try to convince you to add it in as a priority! There are many daily practices that can improve your life, but meditation has been a game changer for TANDA.

If you struggle sitting still, you can try ‘Priming’ which is more active. I recommend doing this 15min priming in the morning:

You can literally find a meditation for anything! Manifesting, healing yourself, attracting more money or connecting with a loved one that has passed. Type what you are feeling into YouTube and give it a go!

Below are links to some of Taz & Alessia’s personal favourites:


Non-guided meditation:

Chakra clearing meditation:


Positive affirmations:

When going through a breakup:

Key Takeaways:

  • Make time on a daily basis to take care of yourself

We are always so busy making time for everyone else that we often forget to take time for ourselves. This is your reminder to make space for that, not just once in a while, but EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  • If you don’t have the time, meditate as you drift off to sleep

If you are “too busy” to find 5 minutes for yourself… well then you really need to meditate. But a great little hack is to listen to a meditation as you get ready to go to sleep. It's completely fine if you fall asleep listening to it, just relax and enjoy!


Listen / watch the full video above & let us know your thoughts:

Comment below with your favourite meditation practices.

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