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Did You Know There Are 7 Types Of Rest!?

Updated: Jun 29


A lot of people are run down at the moment due to the winter cold.

I like to use this season as a reminder to get some good rest in!

I recently learnt about Dr. Dalton-Smith’s framework which changed the way I think about rest & recovery.

You can go deep into each of the 7 types, but in this video we go over a brief outline.

What are the seven types of rest?

  1. Physical Rest (Active & Passive)

  2. Mental Rest

  3. Social Rest

  4. Spiritual Rest

  5. Sensory Rest

  6. Emotional Rest

  7. Creative Rest

This week, let’s rest in the way our body and mind actually needs!

Start with one to 2 of your biggest rest defecates… and if you have no idea what that is take the official quiz here to find out!

Comment below to let us know what type of rest you’ll be getting!

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