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Slow the mood with some piano music

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Rushing around all the time is getting kinda old.

Nothing beats those moments in flow where you are totally in the present moment and time just slips away.

We can create those moments of peace for ourselves whenever we want, but we usually don’t set ourselves up for it in the right way!

Music is a great way to get into the zone.

It helps us to stay in a peaceful state for longer too!

Lately we have been putting piano music on to play in the background while we work and it's been SO NICE. We want you to give it a go too!

Here is your challenge for this week!

1. Pick a task you want to do for longer than 20mins It can be studying, cooking, cleaning, painting, writing…. anything!

2. Find a playlist There are some great playlists on YouTube you can watch/listen to if you type ‘study with me’ or ‘relaxing piano music’. Here is our favourite playlist on Spotify:

3. Enjoy the present moment Turn your phone on airplane mode and stay away from distractions for the next 20mins! Just enjoy what you are doing and be in the moment.

Comment below with what you are going to do with some calming piano music playing in the background.

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