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Updated: Jun 7


Whenever I feel ‘suck’ or like I am not getting the results I want, I always like to look to different industries / cultures / perspectives to see what I can learn from people outside of my niche.

The gaming world, music industry and tech space are all places I usually draw inspiration from to create new projects and experiences for TeamTANDA.

About 4 years ago, I became super interested in productivity & peak performance, I found that I learnt the most from alternative approaches that people like the Navy Seals use (e.g. float tanks, discipline mindset and music frequencies). There were obviously many approaches I wasn’t comfortable with, but I just chose to explore the ones I felt drawn to!

Now it’s your turn!

How to ‘Go Exploring’:

1. Start with your problem or curiosity:

What problem are you trying to solve? If it’s not a problem, then maybe you are curious about how you can do something better? Identify that and make a commitment to stay open minded once you start searching for new ways of thinking.

2. Think about new spaces you want to explore:

Remember: there are many ways to do one thing! For example, if you are having trouble focusing, why not explore how teachers are able to keep young children engaged, or maybe you can explore how bomb squad teams are able to stay focused when under extreme pressure. If you are struggling to think of where to start, comment below with your problem and I will help you brainstorm some topics to start searching!

3. Start consuming new perspectives:

You can do this in many ways! Pick up a new book (or ask a friend for a suggestion), start watching videos on YouTube, Type in some searches to Google and go down the rabbit hole.

Want to see how it's done? Watch the video below for a live example!

Some sites that usually spark my curiosity: - TEDx

- Answer the Public

- Reddit

- Audible

- Clubhouse

Give it a go! Comment if you are able to learn something new by studying other industries / cultures / perspectives.

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