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Do Things Differently

Updated: Jun 6

Full Transcript

It’s time to switch things up!

Change is usually difficult because we get comfortable with how we are currently doing things.

But change is what a lot of us NEED in order to live the life we want.

There are 2 reasons why you should implement some sort of change in your life right now:

  1. Things aren't going how you want

  2. Things are going how you want

(so basically… this applies to everyone)

Changing things when things are not going as planned makes sense, but why change something when it’s already going well?

Well, life is always moving & changing around us. We sometimes can trick ourselves to believe that if we just keep doing the same thing we can slide through life just fine and not have to face any discomfort. But that is not the reality of things. Life is always challenging us and trying to level us up!

For example, when I go to the gym, I usually use the same equipment every time. It’s comfortable and I like that equipment, so I don’t explore the other machines. But if I continue to use the same equipment over and over, my body will stop building muscle and I will be FORCED to change my routine up or I’ll stop seeing results.

Here is your challenge for this week!

1. Pick an area in your life where things could be better

I bet you will have something that comes straight to mind - maybe you want to get into a relationship, earn more money, travel more or spend less time on your phone. Pick just 1 to focus on that is personal to you!

2. Pick an area in your life where things are going well

Where are you cruising along in life? Where do you want to level up? Maybe things are good right now, but would you want to see improvement here eventually? Choose just 1 thing to focus on here.

3. Change it up

Figure out what you are going to do differently in these areas. If you can measure / track your progress, even better!

Comment below with an area of your life that you are going to try something different in!

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