You Don't Grow From Comfort!

When life challenges you, it’s not usually comfy. But that’s kinda the point!

Difficult times in our life arise when it’s time for us to level up. It’s The Universe’s way of opening new doors for you; but first, you must overcome some challenges along the way.

Polarity is a natural part of life; wherever there is light, there is also an equal amount of darkness. Sometimes you will need to go through some darkness and discomfort to experience a growth period. Without growth there is no experience and at the end of the day, what would life be without experience!?

Key Takeaways:

1. Reflect on the times in your life where you stepped out of your comfort zone & it benefited you

Hint: If you can't think of anything, I’m sure you had some around the time of a life-defining moment. But, I also bet you did something recently too.

2. Think about 1 or 2 areas of your life that you want to grow in

Do you want to make new friends? Work in a completely different industry? Become a parent? Open up your heart to love again? Start a new hobby that you have no experience in? 3. Redefine your comfort zone!

Sometimes it takes something as serious as a break-up or getting fired from your job suddenly to re-create who you see yourself as. To change the ‘rules’ of what is considered out of your comfort-zone. Don’t wait for that moment, make a change now and expand into areas of life that make you feel scared but excited!

4. Start seeing discomfort as a good thing!

If you are in some sort of pain or discomfort right now, you are growing, learning and evolving into the next version of yourself. Be kind to yourself and just know you are doing a great job 💖

Comment below with a time in your life that you stepped out of your comfort zone & it turned out to be amazing!

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