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It's time to de-clutter!

Updated: Jun 6

In this post Alessia touches on the benefits of decluttering our lives! Not necessarily a big spring clean out of your house, but instead the little things that go unnoticed for a while.

"What kind of things?" You might ask. Well I am talking about things like:

  • Your 1,000 unread personal emails

  • Unsubscribing to that couch place you gave your email to back in 2018..... is this too niche?

  • Refreshing your Instagram or TikTok following

  • Chucking out the clothes you haven't worn for two years sitting unfolded in your wardrobe!

  • Cleaning out the soggy spinach at the bottom of your fruit drawer in the fridge

Here is your challenge for the week!

  1. Declutter your Online Life and your Offline Life! Look at the two different areas of your life: your online life and your offline life and pick ONE thing from each area that you can declutter. For example: you might refresh you Instagram following (Online Life) and clean out your fridge (Offline Life)

  2. GO AND DECLUTTER IT! We wont actually get to see and feel the benefits of this clean out unless it's actually done, so dedicate up to 30 minutes for each task this week and smash it out!

  3. Let us know how you go! Comment below what you chose and let us know how you feel after this task!

Sending you all love into this new week, can't wait to touch base and see how you go.

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