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You Already Know

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Full Transcript

Society is constantly telling us we need ‘things’ outside of ourselves to be whole and complete, but that simply is NOT TRUE!

Within us we already have all the answers to all the questions we ask ourselves.

The problem is, we usually don’t trust our inner voice. We seek out external confirmation/validation before we believe what we already knew!

Have you ever known the person you were dating isn’t right for you, but you ignored that feeling and stayed with them anyway?

Have you ever looked at your Ora Ring for confirmation that you should have a rest day, even though you were already feeling sluggish and tired?

Have you ever gone to a Monday morning meeting and had a thought in your head that is screaming at you saying “This job isn't for you! Go and do something you love!”?

Inside each and every one of us is a voice, a feeling, a guidance system that is speaking to us regularly! But are you listening??

Key Takeaways:

1. Practice listening to your intuition in a quiet place first:

Meditation and journaling is a great place to start tuning in more to your inner voice. Write down a question you have and then just start writing whatever comes to mind. At first this might seem strange but over time you will learn to trust that this is your intuition speaking to you and you will be able to get into a flow state when you do this exercise.

2. Imagine your friend was asking you:

Maybe you hear your inner voice but you don’t listen to it? We’ve all been there!

This time, take a different perspective. Listen to what it’s saying and then consider, what if a friend was asking you the question…. What would you say then? Then, take your own advice!

3. Trust your gut!:

Listening to your inner voice is important but try to follow through on it too. It won't be easy and might take time, but your intuition is trying to lead you to a better place, stop resisting!

If you like this topic, you might like a book called “You Already Know” written by Helen Jacobs. We did a TeamTANDA book club with this book last year and LOVED IT!

Let us know in the comments below a time where you listened to your intuition and it worked out!

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