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Staying Playful By Exploring Creativity!

Updated: Jun 7


This week I want to encourage us all to stay playful. As we get older, sometimes it’s frowned upon to let your inner child come out and play. But I think there’s nothing more important than doing exactly that! As a way to heal, grow and increase our creativity, keeping in touch with that playful side of ourselves nurtures our individuality and curiosity about ourselves and life in general.

There are many ways that you can go about staying playful in your life but here are three easy steps in case you weren’t too sure:

  1. Remember back to one of your favourite childhood memories: one where you felt your happiest! (If you can’t remember a childhood one, then maybe a recent one.)

  2. Reflect on what about this memory made you so happy. Did you feel peaceful? Were you laughing? Were you running around or playing on a playground? Were you being creative? Were you just enjoying being/watching the world around you?

  3. Replicate the behaviour or the action!

As an example; one of my favourite memories when I was younger was when I played Netball. I loved it when I was running around, I felt like I knew how the play was going to go before it happened and I could read the caught. Some element of running made me feel in the zone; focused, yet calm and deeply happy. Another thing that I enjoyed was drawing and colouring, it gave me the same feeling of deep calm and happiness.

Now this doesn’t mean I have to go and play a Netball game or colour and draw, I could just try exploring running on its own to get the same effect. Or I might even go to Kmart, look in the kids' section and buy myself a slime kit to put together.

It’s all about the exploration of your own creativity which leads you to staying playful!

Good luck this week! Let me know in the comments if you find anything interesting about yourself or your more playful side this week.

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