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Show your gratitude for someone you love through an act of kindness!

Updated: Jun 6

Everyone has been SO busy lately, it feels like a really crazy time of year hey!? We thought it would be nice to share some love to the people we love this week by doing something nice (and unexpected) for them! Maybe you can wash their car, cook them some dinner, pick them out their favourite snacks at the store? Whatever it is, make it thoughtful and just do it!

Key Takeaways

  1. Do something nice & don’t expect anything back! Remember you are doing this for THEM not YOU! Keep it altruistic and from the heart, don’t expect anything back.

  2. Be thoughtful about it Take a second to think about all the amazing things this person does for you on the regular! What would mean a lot to them? Be personal about it to make them feel even more special.

  3. It doesn’t have to be expensive A warm and thoughtful gesture from you means so much more than any material item. Whatever you choose to do, don’t rush it - take some time and put lots of love into what you do… they will feel it!!

Comment below with who you are going to spoil and what you plan on doing for them this week! If they are a part of TeamTANDA then you can keep it anon! 💌

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