Show Gratitude For The Present, Invest In Yourself & Be Hungry When Working Towards Your Goals

In this video you will get some raw footage of Taz thinking out-loud on a drive in ‘The Camry’.

She discusses a variety of thought provoking topics like:

  • Not letting your ego influence your decision-making process

  • Putting your extra money into yourself/your business/your goals rather than spending it on cars, jewellery or designer clothing.

And goes into detail about her 9 year journey working towards buying a Tesla.

Key Takeaways:

  • In pursuit of a goal you need to be willing* to:

  1. Work Hard

  2. Suffer

  3. Sacrifice

*doesn't mean you have to

You should always aim to achieve your goal in the easiest way possible. However, its best to prepare ‘to go to war’ so that you stay resilient along your journey to achieving success.

  • Invest any extra income you have back into yourself

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make, because the more that you learn and grow, you will naturally be able to afford any material item that you want”.

Doing this is a way to guarantee your success in any field. A continuous investment into yourself will allow you to find the right people to help coach you towards creating an abundant life for you & your family.

  • Be grateful the present moment

Regardless of where you want to be or what you are working towards, you should always honour what’s happening right now. We can learn so much from all that is happening now, so don't ignore it. Feeling peaceful about what you have right now is the best way to manifest quickly.


Listen / watch the full video above & let us know your thoughts:

Do you agree / disagree with anything Taz said? Comment below with your thoughts.

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