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Into The Nothing Podcast - Episode 32: Lovers + Business Partners (Hosted by Patrice Douglas)

15th April 2022

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Taz and Alessia ~ what can I say? LGBTQIA+ // Live-streamers // Content Creators // Humble Legends with a TikTok account with over 500k and an app built with the most heart felt intentions #TEAMTANDA

In this episode I chat with the two love birds / business partners about:

~ their love story / how they met.

~ why and how their TikTok career started.

~ the importance of making time for their relationship away from business.

~ the thing we love the most about someone, is also the thing that drives us nuts.

~ TikTok goals

~ the power of being AND doing to live our dream lives

~ the key thing they love to do to look after themselves

~ the advice Taz and Alessia would give themselves if they started TikTok again

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SBS Insight - First Love: Episode 7, 2022

First aired on 29th March 2022 at 8:30pm

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Late last year Taz & Alessia were approached by SBS Insight to appear on an episode called "First Love'. Insight, Australia's leading forum for ideas, returns with host Kumi Taguchi, who each week will use her unique skills to guide a lively debate on a single topic.

Late last year Taz & Alessia were approached by SBS to share their unique love story and agreed to be apart of an episode of SBS Insight. In this episode, SBS showcases a number of couples from all different walks of life; each with their own unique story.

In December SBS requested if they could do a short feature of Taz & Alessia for the episode.... they said.... YES!

Two producers flew down from Sydney to assist with the full day of shooting, and the girls even created a TikTok with the crew!

To finish the episode the girls filmed the final portion from home, with a live feed to the studio.

This is their first time appearing on TV!

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Do You Even Influence - Episode 42: @tazandalessia - Aussies #1 followed LGBTQIA+ TikTok couple on working together and building an app

21st March 2022

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Today's guests @TazandAlessia have been sharing their relationship online for just over a year and have already amassed a HUGE 500k followers on Tik Tok. Read that again, a year of content and already half a million followers! Crazy!

But being the ambitious content creators that they are, they decided it wasn't enough to grow a following on social platforms they don't control. So they went and built their own app, just for their followers: TANDA.

In today's episode they tell us:

how they grew so big so quickly how they started their app their top tips for coming up with content ideas


Tommi from Tik Tok’s episode

Their app: TeamTANDA


BornBred Talent - their management

Renee’s Spill the Beans cards

@Jasminetxo - fave creator

@Aileenchristinee - fave creator

@Lawrence_Bing - fave creator

@Flex.mami - fave creator

@Emdavies__ - fave creator

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