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Updated: Apr 23, 2022

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Where it all started!

TikTok was the first place we started regularly posting videos together back in July 2020.

Fun Fact: we actually started our @tazandalessia account before we even started dating!

We started posting TikTok's just for fun & would make them whenever we would hang out.

Once we went into lockdown, TikTok became our entertainment, so naturally we started creating more content.

It didn't take long before we realised people liked what we were posting, we started spending our days off work filming TikTok's.

It use to take us 2+ hours to film like 3 TikTok's. Now we can smash 12 TikTok's in that same time-frame.

Once we hit 1,000 followers Alessia noticed we had access to a new feature called 'live streams'. I vividly remember laughing at her and saying "no one is going to come on".

To my surprise, people did.

I think for our first live-stream there was about 12 people or so?

Crazy to think! Now we can get up to 800+ at a time.

We have met some of the most amazing people through live streaming.

We always feel so connected with the Team when we stream, so I hope you can join us at our next one!

We usually go live daily (but occasionally we have the night off).

If you want some light hearted entertainment, head over to our TikTok!

Follow us on TikTok for daily content, daily lives & daily laughs

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