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Write a letter to your future self! 💌

Updated: Jul 28

This week we are going to send a letter into the future! Open up a blank document on your computer and start typing.

Include everything going on in your life right now. Your job, favourite things to do, who you are crushing on, what’s going on in the world and your future dreams. Oh and don’t forget to include TeamTANDA hehe.

I’ve done this before and it was SO nice to receive a letter from myself. It was comforting and exactly what I needed at the time. I’m excited to do this again!

Here is your challenge for this week!

1. Start writing

There is no wrong or right. Just start writing a letter to your future self.

You can send it to yourself in a couple of years time or you could set a specific date so you can receive it on a milestone like your future graduation, your future birthday or your future wedding anniversary! 🥰

2. Read it over

Make sure you have included everything you want! Don’t overthink it though, just make sure it’s from the heart 💖

3. Send it!

Copy & paste it into , set the date & send it off!

Comment below if you are going to join me & how long you are going to wait until you receive your letter!

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