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Alternative Ways To Feel Your Feels

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


This week we’re going to be talking about prioritising your mental health.

It starts by prioritising YOU.

If you find yourself with some extra hours to spare this holiday season, dig into all the wonderful things that excite you and make you feel good!

When we think of prioritising our mental health we always ask ourselves “what do I enjoy doing?”. More specifically, “what do I enjoy doing solo?” That way it takes the pressure off of trying to make plans with other people and needing friends, and gives you time to spend with yourself.

The below are some suggestions of activities you can do that help calm the mind and/or get in your zone:

  • Clay play, make a cute pinch pot or a little ramekin

  • Cook your favourite dish, JUST FOR YOU!

  • Colour/Paint by numbers and don’t look at the time.

  • Dance and move your body at any chance you get.

  • Create space for new year energy, clear your home of all the “things” you don't use anymore!

  • Pick up a new book, one that gets you excited!

  • Go for a drive just to listen to your favourite album.

  • Be in nature! Literally go bury your feet in the sand and enjoy a swim.

  • Sleep in and turn off your alarms, now is the time to rest & recover!

This time of year is for you to spend it how you want to spend it without thinking too much about it. Take off the pressure and just do you. These types of activities are things that you want to be able to lose yourself in, so if there’s something you love to do that isn’t on this list that still counts! Looking after your mental health isn’t always journaling and working through your emotions, sometimes it’s just creating that safe calm space to lose yourself in and enjoy.

Comment below with an activity you are excited to spend some time on over the next few weeks.

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