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Get Your Hands Dirty!

Updated: Jun 7


Looking for a fun way to get outside and get your hands dirty? Why not try something new?

Our suggestions; gardening, cooking & clay! These are all great hobbies that we have tried recently that have helped us to relax, have fun & de-stress.

Plus, the other great thing I love about these hobbies is the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something new! When you finally achieve something you've been working towards, the sense of accomplishment is incredible. It's a feeling that stays with you long after you've achieved your goal.

Get Gardening - One of the best ways to get your hands dirty is by gardening. Not only do you have to get down and dirty to plant seeds and pull weeds, but you also get to experience the satisfaction of watching your garden grow. Gardening has many benefits including reducing stress, boosting your mood, so put on some gloves and get gardening!

Cook Up A Storm - Cooking is another activity that gets your hands dirty but also provides a delicious reward at the end. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal made with love! From chopping vegetables to kneading dough, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands involved in the cooking process. And it's all worth it when you sit down to enjoy a meal that you made yourself. Maybe you can even use some food from your garden in your recipes!?

Get Crafty With Clay - Have you ever tried your hand at clay pottery? If not, I highly recommend it! Working with clay is therapeutic and calming, and it's also a great way to create beautiful pieces of art. Whether you're making functional pots for plants or decorative items for your home, clay pottery is a fun hobby that will get your hands (and probably your clothes) dirty. But it's all worth it when you see the final product!

If the above idea’s don’t get you excited and you're not sure where to start; check out some online tutorials or sign up for a class at your local community centre. There are all sorts of activities that you can try, so take your time and find one that's right for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get your hands dirty!

Gardening, cooking, and clay pottery are all great ways to spend some time outdoors (or indoors) and create something beautiful in the process.

Who knows, you might just find that you have a green thumb or hidden talent for culinary arts!

Let us know in the comments what you are going to get your hands dirty with this week! Good Luck Team!

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