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Are You Listening To Me!?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


Ask a couple for relationship tips and 9 times out of 10 they will say one word…. “COMMUNICATION”!

It’s true that communication is super important when it comes to deepening your relationships with people, but there are two sides to this skill that people often forget about.

Part of communication is being able to express yourself clearly, while the other part is being able to listen… and well.

Growing up we are taught that listening goes beyond using your ears, ‘it's about using your eyes (eye contact) and non verbal cues too (like nodding your head, etc)’.

But not all of my friends and family listen like this, so does that mean they don’t care?

Recently I’ve learnt that not everyone listens the same, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t engaged in the conversation!

I have met people who have great conversations with me in quiet places, but at a cafe, they are overstimulated and can barely hold a conversation.

I have met people who give fantastic presentations in a business setting, but only when they have a fidget spinner in hand.

I have met people who make no eye contact at all, but still ask really thought provoking questions that let me know they are very much listening.

At the end of the day we all want to feel heard and understood, so if that looks like less eye contact and a conversation in a less overstimulating space, then I’m into that!

My idea of what ‘listening’ needed to look like has changed a lot and I hope this reminder opens you up to exploring different ways of communicating with your loved ones and colleagues.

This week, get curious about how you listen and how others listen to you.

Find ways to improve your listening in a way that works for you!

Would love to hear more about your thoughts on this in the comments section, so let us know how you go!

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