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Give back in any way that you can!

Updated: Jun 7


This week I’m encouraging you to think of others and to give back in some way!

Whether it’s a kind gesture, a compliment, a donation or even to give your time.

All of these acts of kindness, mean a lot to people!

I personally get a lot of fulfilment from helping people and putting a smile on peoples faces.

Since you are apart of TeamTANDA I already know that being kind to others would put a smile on your face too!

One of the nicest things I’ve done for someone was actually a stranger.

Quick story-time….

I purchased them flowers and chocolate to say thank you for being a great person. The strangers were the workers at the 7/11 petrol station near my house.

They were all so grateful and it made me feel so happy to see their faces light up!

Sometimes those unexpected gifts are the best ones to receive!

If you want to get involved, but aren’t sure how to make an
impact, here are some ideas:
  1. Compliment 5 people today

  2. Leave $5 bill in a public space and write a cute note for whoever picks it up

  3. Make your loved ones their favourite meal as a surprise

  4. Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore

  5. Pay for the person behind you in drive through

  6. Donate to our Polished Man fundraiser to stop violence against women!

  7. Volunteer to help someone in need

There are so many things you can do to make someone's day!

Don’t overthink it, just do it!

Comment below how you plan on giving back before the year finishes up!

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