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Here’s How To Get More Views On Social Media

Updated: Jun 21


It’s about time we made a Weekly Reminder about something social media related!

I mean, this is our full time job now so you would think we’ve learnt a thing or two.

In the last 30 days our TikTok page alone has received over 30 MILLION views.

How crazy is that!

In this reminder we go over three basic steps to take before, during and after filming your content to ensure it gets as many views as possible.

Now let’s just be clear on one thing...

You should never base your success off views, followers or likes.

At the end of the day, views aren’t that important; BUT it is nice to be able to reach the people you want to on socials so you can build a community / friendships of your own!

So let’s get into it, here is how to get your videos seen by more people:

1. Storyline

Every piece of content has a beginning, middle and end.

As a content creator you should give extra thought to this.

You may see creators use the start of their video with a hook to catch peoples attention. An example of this is

“Come with us to the biggest lollie shop in the world”!

Hooks work well since they inform the viewer on what the rest of the video is going to include and they can now decide if they are interested enough to watch the rest of the video.

Since watch-time is an important factor to help you get more views, you should aim to make your video as interesting as possible so that people watch to the end. Make sure at the end of the video you have followed through on your promise that you made at the start. So if your hook was “Get ready with me to go on a date”, then the last shot could be of you ready to go on your date or of you waiting for your date to arrive!

Sometimes we think about the story before we start filming and other times during the editing process so try both and see what works for you.

2. Lights, Camera, Action

Before you even turn the camera on and start filming, you need to do a few things.

Most importantly, wipe your damn camera lens (when shooting from a phone).

Misty lenses give Alessia the ick so please, wipe it down.

Next thing you need to do is open your camera up and walk around the room until you find the best light. If it looks bad everywhere you turn, then you might need to get a ring light to help light your face up!

Lastly, if you are going to be talking in the video try to film in a quiet space or if you are wanting to level up your videos, experiment with a mic.

We have been experimenting with different audio for the last 5-8 weekly reminders, but still haven’t got it exactly right. Don’t be hard on yourself, this is a new skill so it might take you some time.

3. Basic Editing

Keep the video interesting by cutting out long pauses.

Since people have short attention spans, we like to keep it snappy.

If you are wanting to level up even further, you could start to ask yourself questions like….

“Would someone else find this part of the video boring”? Sounds kind of harsh, but sometimes deleting a chunk of footage is what the video needs to reach more people.

Like we said before, views are just one element of all the amazing things that make up your social media profile so don’t put too much pressure on it.

Have fun and remember the more videos you make, the better you will get,

So keep at it!!

Try out some of the tips above and comment below with a link to your video so we can watch!

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