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Pump Up The Tunes!

Updated: Jun 7


The biggest influencer in my life is music!

Music has the ability to lift my mood more than any person and change the mood real quick!

One of the reasons I loved DJing so much was because of the way I could control the vibe of the night for everyone, just by the songs I selected.

If you want to take back control of how you feel, the first thing is to acknowledge that music does actually have some sort of power over you. If you have songs that can put you in a good mood then there are definitely songs that can make you feel like 💩.

Have you ever been listening to music and then a song comes on that you know makes you sad, and you just…. leave it on?

✋ I’m guilty of this sometimes.

This week we are collectively changing the station to good vibes only. Big thanks to @mind.freedom (Mum hehe) for being apart of this weeks reminder!

Skip over any song that doesn't put you in a positive vibration with the universe!

If you don’t know where to start, try this Spotify playlist!

Comment below with your favourite uplifting songs and we will add them to the TANDA Playlist

Let’s get it team! 🎶

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