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Reminder: Update Your Vision Board and Set Yourself Up For The Year Ahead!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


Did you know January 14th is “Vision Board Day”?

I just found that out and thought, huh… sounds like a great weekly reminder!

Vision boards / Manifestation boards / Dream boards are supposed to hang in a place you look at often and get you feeling inspired to work towards your goals. Today is the day we refresh our imagery to set us up for success!

Step 1: Take a look at your dream board and reflect on all that you achieved last year. Take the images off that no longer serve you or don’t line with your vision moving forward.

Step 2: Think about some of the goals you have set for yourself this year and go online or in magazines to find images that best represent them. Try to find photos of the goal achieved - e.g. Instead of putting photos up of a piggy bank to allude to saving for a car, just put an image of the car that you hope to buy.

Step 3: Read through the quotes on your board and if they don’t resonate with you, find some new ones!

Step 4 (Optional): Move it to a different place in the house/room so that you look at it more! If you don’t really remember seeing your vision board last year, then you need to put it in a more visible place!!


Comment below and let us know what images you are taking off your dream board and what is going on instead!


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