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Streamlining your life

Updated: Jun 7


Making life more enjoyable should be a priority for all of us.

But if we are being honest, when is the last time you did something to make life flow a little smoother?

This week, let’s focus on streamlining an area of life that feels a little difficult right now.

When we streamline our lives, we are able to accomplish more with less effort. We waste less time on activities that don't contribute to our overall goals. And we free up mental space to focus on what's truly important to us.

I learnt a lot about this when I was working as a personal assistant. My boss taught me a bunch of different ways to make things more efficient and effective by employing simpler or better methods.

To give you a real life example, earlier this year I noticed that my eating habits were starting to slide. It was mostly because I hadn’t planned in advance. When it came to dinner time, I was just eating something quick and easy (usually with no nutritional value). The problem for me was going to the shops every week, planning out my meals ahead of time and money spent while food shopping. An easy solution to my problem which streamlined my meals was HelloFresh.

I no longer had to plan in advance, think of healthy meals or even leave the house. Everything was done for me, all I had to do was chop up the food and cook!

If you want to streamline an area of your life too, try the below activity:

  1. Think of an area of your life where things feel a little clunky: Maybe this area of your life needs a lot of help or maybe you just want to make things more efficient?

  2. Identify what is causing you to not get things done the way you want to: Is it lack of motivation? Do you just forget? Do you not have the time?

  3. Streamline the process There are many ways to do this:

  4. Automations can help when it comes to repetitive tasks and payments. For example, I have set up auto-pay for almost all my bills so that they are never overdue.

  5. Assistants can help motivate you or sometimes even get the task done for you! For example, you could hire a personal trainer to keep you on track to hit your goals at the gym or hire a virtual assistant to help you complete a section of a task.

  6. Technology can help you do almost anything! There are AI platforms that can help you write blogs, captions, articles, etc. There are platforms that can help you take appointments by reading your calendar. There are platforms that can schedule your social media posts so you never miss a peak time! Anything you can think of, there is likely to be a platform that can assist you to work more efficiently.

  7. Planning is free and doesn't take much time to do either. Every Sunday, make time to plan your week ahead. Time blocking your schedule can help you be more efficient.

  8. Ask a friend. Learning from someone who has already achieved the result you are hoping to achieve is a great way to fast track success. Comment below and I can try to help or connect you with someone who can!

Streamlining may not be a magic bullet for all of life's problems, but it can certainly help us free up space to focus on what we really love in life!

Comment below with what area of life you are going to streamline and how you plan on doing it!

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