What are you really searching for in your dreams?

This week we dig deep on our biggest dreams and aspirations and how we can better understand what we are really searching for within them. If we peel back the surface layer, what is left underneath?

Before chasing our most ambitious of dreams, take some time to reflect & consider if you can access those feelings and emotions you are seeking right now!?

Key Takeaways

  1. Success looks & feels different for everyone

Maybe you are striving for something physical, that you can touch & hold - like keys to a new car, or winning a trophy or traveling to your dream destination. Or maybe you are more like Alessia where you are moving towards a lifestyle, vibe or emotion - like feeling free to do whatever you want, sharing many moments with friends laughing and having a good time, or coming home and feeling loved every day after work. There is no wrong or right when it comes to your dreams!

  1. Figure out what you are really seeking

Take a second to peel back the layers and work out what you are really working towards. Are you seeking a holiday so that you can experience adventure or maybe you just want to escape your job for a few weeks 😅. Figuring out your why might help you to assess if your goal is truly serving you.

  1. The possibility of failing should never be a reason to stop you from trying

You are literally capable of ANYTHING! Set your mind to it & go after it. Even if you don’t achieve your ‘dreams’ doesn't mean you won't learn a ton of lessons!

“Aim for a Private Jet, because if you only get to business class at least that’s still a win”! - Taz

Comment below with one of your biggest dreams & let us know the feeling you are wanting behind the goal!