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You have 1... hundred unread messages

Updated: Jun 6

We all want strong relationships with our friends and family, and phones make that soo much easier, but sometimes life gets in the way.

This is your reminder to TEXT BACK!

Yes, @Tazzammit we are talking to you. 😡

If you already text back and you are one of those people who reply in less than a minute... you're amazing.

But also...

I want to challenge you to reach out to someone you know is a bad texter and let them know you love them anyway ❤️

Bonus Tips (for the bad texter's):

1. Not sure what to talk about?

Check in on your mates and see how they are doing, ask what’s being happening in their life that they are excited about, talk about what you have been up to and have planned, catch up on some old memories and shared experiences.

2. Worried you will forget to reply again?

There are so many ways around this, you just have to do some planning! You can set a reminder alarm to go off on your phone a couple of times per day to remind you to check your unread messages, turn your treadmill warm-up at the gym into a texting sesh, or just reply as SOON as you get the notification (unless you are driving of course).

3. Too busy to type?

We get it, you are on the go and just can't keep up with sending a message back…. 🙄. Here is a fix… AUDIO RECORD IT! You can do this through DM’s, Inbox, text, or WhatsApp! Works like a charm.

4. Make plans to catch up in person soon!

Maybe you are just an in-person type of person?? Well then, skip the small talk and make plans to catch up soon. Set a time, date and location quickly so that you can lock a meeting time in before you stop replying again 😂

Do you have some people in mind that you need to message back? Let us know your plan of attack in the comments!

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