Get Up And Dance!


A few weeks ago we did a Weekly Reminder with Max about music and how songs have the power to change your mood. We wanted to extend on that idea and take it a step further with something we both love to do… dancing!

Fun Fact: Max owned her own dance studio for over 25 years, and Taz grew up dancing from age 3-13.

Research shows that physical activity can have a major impact on our mood and mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, which have been shown to improve mood and reduce stress. And even if you don’t feel like hitting the gym for a full workout, just getting outside and going for a walk or dancing around your living room for a few minutes can make a world of difference! Regardless of how you feel, it’s always a good time to dance; but if you are having a rough day, even more reason to get your body moving!

Now it’s your turn to give it a go! Put on your favourite playlist and let yourself go!


Even if moving your body doesn’t completely elevate your mood, it will at least help you to forget about your troubles for a little while and give you the energy boost you need to power through the rest of your day.

Tip: Don’t dance in front of a mirror or your phone, just close the door of your room and move your body however it wants to - without judgement or pressure to look cool!! 😎

Have fun Team!

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