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Learn from the best, nothing less

Updated: Jun 7


Would you take baking advice from a banker?

This week, I’m urging you to be very selective about who you take advice from.

People love to share their opinions, but a lot of the time they are not backed by much knowledge or experience. They truly are just guesses, expressed with confidence.

You have the option to disregard these opinions and go to someone who has actually achieved the outcome you are looking for. With so much content available online, there's no excuse to not be continuously learning from people who are experts in their subject matter.

Be cautious of ‘experts’ on the internet though. There are a lot of people posing to know what they are talking about, but really they have not experienced what they are teaching.

I personally like to go to the best in the biz!

My favourite ways to learn from these people are:

This week I want you to look for people in your industry, people with your passion, who have done the things you want to do, and go and learn from them!

Comment below with what you want to learn about and who you plan on learning from!

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