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Listen To Your Body!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Full Transcript

We are right in the middle of winter and it feels like everyone is sick right now!

Staying healthy has certainly been a challenge post-COVID lockdowns and we are all feeling it.

For my family, we often see sickness as a sign that your body is calling out for a rest. Sometimes, we have a chance to listen to the call of our bodies, to 'slow down' before we are bed-bound and in pain….

But do we listen? Usually no.

I hope this reminder is the sign you need to really check in with yourself and take the time needed to get back to full health!


1. Check in with yourself right now:

Today is a new day, so how are you feeling? Acknowledge how you feel mentally and physically and try to pin-point the parts of your body that are needing some TLC. e.g. “I'm feeling really tired at the moment, it’s like the entire front of my head is just foggy and slow right now… my eyes feel heavy and I can barely keep my eyes open around this time of day”

2. Make some moves so you can heal:

Take a sick day, cancel your dinner plans, book in a massage or re-arrange your mid-day meeting so you can get some recovery time in. I know you will want to soldier through, but it’s important to listen to what your body is telling you!

3. Rest! Like actually rest!:

When you finally make some time to take care of yourself, fully take advantage of it. Don’t invite your friends over or spend your sick day cleaning the house. ACTUALLY REST! Lay down in your room and try and sleep as much as possible.

Let us know in the comments what your body is telling you right now!

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