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What are you spending your money on?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023


These days everything is SO expensive! Even lettuce costs an arm and a leg!!

So if prices keep going up, but our pay stays the same, how can we survive?

Well, I’m no financial advisor, but here is what I’m doing….

It’s a little strategy I call;


I want to take back control of my spending. It can be easy to let spending get out of control, but at the end of the day, it's your hard-earned money and you deserve to know where it's going.

Let’s do this together:

Step 1: Review your past transactions (try the last 60-90 days) and categorise them (e.g. health, food, bills, shopping, gifts, etc). Sometimes your bank / credit card will automatically do this for you

Step 2: Take note of any re-ocurring subscriptions that you don’t use anymore

Step 3: Reflect on how much money you have spent in each category and ask yourself if you are happy with this? If not, move on to the next steps

Step 4: Cancel and unsubscribe from anything you don’t use

Step 5: Search for better deals on things like insurance, phone plans, dog food, fuel, etc.

Understanding our spending patterns can help us to make better financial decisions. It can also help us to identify areas where we might be spending too much. With a little planning and patience, you can easily save money on regular purchases.

Try some of these activities this week and let me know how you go!

What are your money tips?? Comment below!

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Sep 17, 2022

Know what’s coming in and out each pay cycle so you can budget accordingly & put 24 hours between you and potential “impulse” purchases 🥰

Sep 17, 2022
Replying to

Definitely stops me from buying things just for the sake of spending money


Anuja Sriravi
Anuja Sriravi
Sep 17, 2022

Keep track of your spending👑

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