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Writing A Letter To Your Past Self

Updated: Jun 7


We’ve written letters to our future selves. Now it’s time to write one to our past selves. Thinking back, there are so many things that I would want to tell my past self.

“You’re doing great!”, “Don’t trust this person” & “This is going to take longer than you think”!

Writing letters to our past selves can be extremely healing for our unconscious if we go about doing it in the right way. When I say in the “right” way I mean more so in an empathetic and forgiving way. There’s no need to be hard on ourselves and beat ourselves up for the things in the past. Instead use this as a time to reflect on what we DID do and how we would now do things differently or better now that we have grown as a person and have the benefit of hindsight.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. Find a space that’s quiet and makes you feel safe. Grab out your electronic or physical journal.

  2. Start with “Dear 15 year old me” or “Dear 18 year old me” whatever past version of you that you would like to talk to.

  3. Let them know what you’re doing now. What friends are in your life? Where are you working? How has your appearance changed? How are you currently feeling about life? Do you have a partner? Are you loving single life?

  4. Give them some advice. Is your 18 year old self struggling with something? What advice would you give them now that you’ve gotten through it?

  5. Say “Thank you”. Your past self got you through the last few years to where you are now, they helped you learn the lessons you now know!

I hope you guys enjoy this week's weekly reminder. I really encourage you to do it. This use to be one of my favourite journaling prompts, I am excited to do it again!


Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this method of journaling. Did you try it? How did you go?

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